Throwback to Jin-Won's class + intro to Cinema 4D

Going through some old hard drives and found these three models that took me hours to build in Cinema 4D, years ago, in Jin-Won Han's glass flameworking class. She had this fabulous way of working where she envisioned her Pyrex artwork in a 3D modeling program, leading to a strange meeting of the stoically accurate and the organically unpredictable––and I would say both descriptors apply to both media, digital and glass.

This "ego box" design eventually became the following, one of the first things I ever made with flameworking:

You can see the devitrification (loss of gloss, milky clouding) from poor heating techniques, but I loved every minute of the challenge. All of these "flat" pieces of glass were made from commercial Pyrex tubes heated and sliced open, then melted together in bits and pieces.