Artist With a Rice on Her Nose  (2014)

Artist With a Rice on Her Nose (2014)

Sinnae Choi (b. 1987, RISD BFA 2011) is a New Yorker, born & raised, and a first-generation Korean-American. She has lived and worked in Rhode Island, Texas and resides permanently in New Mexico.

With a formal background in glasswork both cold and hot, she is rather enamored of optical brilliance in the form of glass shards, plastic glitter, faceted jewels, crystalline salt and MSG, intricately assembled glass murrine, and metallic pigments. Exploring the physicality of very wet painting processes involving both traditional and unusual colorants, as well as provisional and experimental pâte-de-verre kilnwork, her studio practice encompasses a range of materials and fabrication methods concerned with powders and their transformation into tenuous solidity.

She also blows glass offhand when she can, and has enjoyed time as a scholarship student at Penland School of Crafts, Haystack and the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass. She's trained in the Venetian style of glassblowing with some Swedish influence and loves the challenge of creating work possessing the body of a small, lopsided and clumsy person. The physical demands of blowing glass, hot casting, small and large metals fabrication, and unwieldy sculptures is an enjoyably frustrating part of the learning and creative process. She hopes to one day study glasscutting and stained glass in the Czech Republic.

Past bodies of work include the mapping of invented landmasses, small precious metal castings of boxes and unexpectedly practical jewelry, compatibility tests between ceramics and blown glass, porcelain tools, hand-molded blown-glass goblets, and explorations of the dermis using the glass membrane as a surrogate or replacement.

Aside from her personal practice, she has been teaching for near a decade, both with the artistically-inclined K-5 crowd, and with at-risk youth K-12 in low-income areas of Providence and Austin. In New Mexico, she worked with a wonderful organization called VSA which served those on the disability waiver with high-quality artistic instruction. She currently works part-time for the family pre-press business and spends her free time painting and is in the process of setting up her glass and enameling studio in her new Albuquerque home.

She is informally enrolled as a Spanish language student at the local community college, and has finally managed to finish her level 100 courses and can just barely speak in the imperfect tense. She practices her high school French and childhood Korean but writes and works in English.

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Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime  (2015)

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (2015)