Sister site Ok-Toki & some gallery adjustments

Proud to announce our sister site and my graphic design home portal, OK-TOKI DESIGN STUDIO! It's a brand-new venture that lives inside the gorgeous Box Graphics studio in Chelsea. For now, it's just experimental branding and self-given projects, but hopefully expanding to take on clients by next month.

Also, on this site, some gallery adjustments...some things are disappearing and reappearing. We're just testing out how much content is enough content. Because there's a lot of content. But you don't need all that content.


New works, ceramics, human body, BSR Live

New sections have been added to the Projects page for you to explore. A back-log of past works as well as a monthly-updated "works-in-progress" page to look at. The Bio page also includes a link to a past project, the Nuclear Family Hour radio show hosted on Brown University's archives. Take a look/listen.

Under construction

This website will be undergoing sporadic changes for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, look around and if you need anything, send me an e-mail via the message form on the Bio page. Thanks for visiting :)