A drive to Belén (70 miles round)

The blue Toyota that brought me here is lost, rollover and junked hitting steel guardrails five blocks from my home at the time, on Richmond. I survived with only bruising, and bought a little Jeep for $10,000 in cash from a man I met in the Sprouts parking lot. That was four months ago.

Here, I took a spontaneous trip on I-25 South to Belén, NM, 35 miles outside of Albuquerque. I live elsewhere now, my own home, near Juan Tabo and the East-West highway. If you take I-40 west for a while, you join up with I-25, and you can either go up or down.

I only took the main road through town, detoured down a paved road that dead-ended at a cattle ranch. Mesa Rd.?

Just a road, but my favorite kind of sky. I drove home as the sun was setting. The main town thoroughfare curved so deeply the sun was on all sides of me. Take I-25 north for a time, then head east towards home.