Front cover. Fabriano gridded notebook. Pastel and hairspray fixative.
 Concept for kiln-fused glass statement necklace. Chalk pastel, graphite.
 Concept for massive, sculptural glass necklace. Chalk pastel, pen.
 Concept for rigid geometric necklace, glass elements. Chalk pastel, gel pen.
 Concept for cast-glass geometric blocks. Chalk pastel, graphite.
  Pastel (Bruised) Ass.  Chalk pastel, graphite.
 Self-assigned ring design homework (draw 16 rings in 1 hour). Gel pen, graphite.
 Considering the usage of pre-made, organically-shaped, fused-powder feet re-invested into a plaster/silica mold and conjoined with a blown vessel. Also interested in the idea of leaking, useless Pyrex inventions, a radioactive crystal/bell jar for ferns, and a bloody, erupting weed bong. Felt pen.
Imaginary Closeup.jpeg
 One of the simplest things to do. Blow a bubble, knock the end open, and tease it out flat into a circular sheet of glass (with a hole in the center). I have used these in the past for kiln-fusing projects.
  Some unconventional ideas for goblets and vessels that have been modified to have tiny apertures or a new mode of handling (two-handed bell jar?).
 Annealer unload list.
  An exotic, stinking fruit cut open and sat inside a carefully constructed glass-and-silicone aromatic diffuser, dripping with condensation and leaking all over the kitchen table....
  Grapes in stupid places. Over-elaborate and unattractive "Venetian" goblet, some sort of tri-layered presentation dish with blown stem and foot, a steaming platter of grapes and ?....
 Vitrine-on-Foot. Felt pen, chalk pastel.
Vitrine Close.jpeg
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