2013 - 2014

Three-panel stairwell mural at Foundation Communities' Vintage Creek Learning Center. As one descends the stairwell, you might encounter the Learning Center transported to the top of a Texas lighthouse rock formation; a gang of cats hidden in the foliage; gentle giants clad in global, local and invented textiles overseeing the tiny humans; a cave village lit with warm fires with homes connected by rope swings and rickety ladders; fireflies and lizards in the darkness of night. The mural is meant to show the progress of a student's day, which may seem insurmountably long and filled with obstacles, but full of wonder, longing and discovery as well. The top panel begins in daybreak and ends at the foot of the stairs in darkness.

Latex interior house paint base, acrylic, gloss medium, fluorescent paints, glow-in-the-dark liquid, metallic pigments. Hand-drawn and hand-painted with some photographs of landmarks for reference.

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